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Square Off Download

  • Developer: Kyle Gray
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Square Off

Decent multi-player puzzle game with an original concept to boot. Worth a good look.

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  • Moshboy

    Square Off is an odd, original and best of all, decent multi-player puzzle game brought to you by the same oddballs that brought you Tower of Goo. It is a hard game to describe - basically it involves two players, drawing squares on their separate sides of the playing field and firing them off at each other. It might sound weird but it also happens to be a lot more fun then you’d think.

    The graphics, as with Tower of Goo, have a distinct cartoonish look to them. That isn’t to say they are very complex. They are actually quite simple but they work and that is what counts. The sound contains some decent sound effects and a continuous version of a song that John Travolta dances to in ‘Saturday Night Fever,’ which I would normally despise but in this case it just makes the game all the more odd and amusing.

    The game play is actually very entertaining for a multi-player game and is a nice change from the frantic first person shooters that seem to dominate the multi-player world of gaming these days. It is just as frantic in its own way. Once you get the hang of the easy keyboard controls, it won’t be long before both players are rushing to draw their squares and fire them off to the other side of the playing field, hoping to corner their opponent. On originality alone, this will at least keep you playing for a little while, just for the sake of curiosity. But the concept is pulled off with such class that it is more then likely to keep you playing for quite a good deal longer (providing you have an opponent handy).

    While I can’t give this game top marks for variety, I can however give it high marks for originality and replay value. Recommended.

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