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Star Eater Download

  • Developer: Kaeshi Rodai
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Star Eater

A fun and fast mini game from Japan which utilises only the mouse.

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  • Gohst

    Star Eater is a fantastic game from that fantastic place known as Japan. This little offering is a mouse based reflex game, similar in vein to Clickups.

    The idea is, these circles roll around the screen and you pop them with the point of your mouse. The white/gray ones are explosive, so be careful of them as they halt your popping process, remove your combo and have no effect on nearby bubbles.

    You can score higher by popping "stars" in quick succession without hitting a bomb. If you manage to clear a screen before the spheres are wiped, you keep your combo rolling. If there are one or more left when a new set of balls appears, your combo resets.

    It's not complicated, it doesn't ask anything of you and it certainly doesn't have an in-depth fully realised story. What it does have is fun gameplay, flashy graphics and a great big deal of entertaining value. Highly recommended.

  • Anonymous

    This small Japanese mini-game provides a great time-killer during load times, as well as an entertaining concept. Popping bubbles scores points, and popping a gray bubble causes an annoying explosion that will slow you down. All you have to do is move the mouse over a bubble to pop it. I enjoyed this game. Overall, it's a welcome addition to my collection.

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