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Super Mario Epic Download

  • Developer: jeff silvers
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Super Mario
Super Mario Epic

Very decent Mario clone

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  • Zack

    "In an attempt to claim the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser and his minions kidnapped Princess Peach and are hiding her away. It is your job as Mario to once again rescue the Princess and save the Mushroom Kingdom from total disaster."

    This is not the regular Mario at all. Everything is different, you are not as small, as the regular one. However, there are good sides to this game, such as: For one, it reminds people of the regular mario, same intention, and also, minimum graphics.
    If your that type of person that does not care much for graphic's, i reccomend you go ahead, and download this. If you care about the graphic's, don't download.

    I didn't care for the graphic's, as much as how the game was played. This is not a game i would reccomend to every gamer, however, mario fans, i would slightly reccomend.

    Of Course, no game can be perfect, although, all games strive to be perfect, this is their main goal. But, also, there can be a game close to perfect. But this game, sadly, is far from that point. As we play different games, rather on here, or perhaps a counsel, we change our minds about the genre of different games; my point being, this might make you want the orginal mario more, instead of a mario like this.
    I respect the owners and creaters of this small mario game, for their effort, and their time trying to bring mario on the personal computer. However, more work could have been brought into this.

    In conclusion, no game can be perfect, but all of the game makers and owners strive to meet the goal of perfection. Even though I have not yet seen a game that is perfect, i still strive through the files to see a game that is close to perfect. I, as a mario fan, thought this game was close to perfect, however, i was disapointed to find out that this game wasn't even close to this point.

    Good Job, however, this game could of have more work put into this game.


  • Wierdbeard

    "In an attempt to claim the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser and his minions kidnapped Princess Peach and are hiding her away. It is your job as Mario to once again rescue the Princess and save the Mushroom Kingdom from total disaster."

    Sounds like another Mario game? It is! How can anyone ever get enough of our overweight Italian plumber friend Mario?

    This is really a good copy of the game with large levels, good graphics and good sound. The gameplay captures the feel of the original Mario games well, and yet the levels offer new challenges for Mario fans.

    You can't pass this one up if you claim to be a Mario fan!

  • HeRaDiN

    Not even sure you can class this as a Mario clone. Sure the miniture graphics may resemble Mario, but in very few other ways does it offer the look or feel of a Mario game.

    The sounds appear to be another nationality which I can't quite place and the general physics of the game differ to Mario.

    Your first attempt at jumping on an enemy will result in you losing health. The health bar being another part which further removes it from being a Mario clone.

    Might be an interesting play for it's download size for a couple minutes of entertainment, if it didn't so blatantly try to rip off the Mario name.

  • Jesse Garza

    This Mario game is really awesome. The best thing about this Mario game is that you have a health bar which means you won't die with just one hit like all the other previous Mario games. Sound, music and graphics are good.

    The thing that sucks about the game is you can't jump on your enemies to kill them. You have to get the fireball power-up in order to kill them but all in all this a really fun Mario game. Well worth the download.

  • RDogg

    I think the graphics aren't that much like the normal Mario ones but the game is ok. The sound when he jumps kinda wrecks it as well.

    Not being able to jump on your enemies sucks. Also the health bar is stupid, I haven't seen that on Mario before, and what happened to the little mushroom enemies? On here there's those ugly things that look like they're wearing masks and they fly. So this game gets 60% from me.


    This game is really fun! EVERY Mario fan should at least try it!

    The graphics, while not mindblowing, are smooth, and the enemies are funny. The only problem is, you have to start every level at the very start if you die, which is sometimes frustrating, and you can't save games.

    There are no hi-scores either. But overall this is a great game, the best Mario game on this site.

  • The WWE Undisputed Champi

    This game has really out-done itself. It has background music from Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros 3 and Mario Kart 64.

    The graphics and characters are great too. One day, I told my little brothers and sisters to play Super Mario Epic and they enjoyed it. Excellent job who ever made this PC game.

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