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Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine Download

  • Developer: jeff silvers
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Super Mario
Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine

Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine is the much improved sequel to Super Mario Epic

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  • Zero

    Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine is not a bad game to play but there is nothing that makes this game stand out from all other Mario clones.

    Plenty of new enemies have been added into Super Mario Epic 2, which makes it interesting to play. One thing that differentiates this game from other Mario clones is a health bar. When you get hit you don't have to restart the level, you just lose some health points.

    The classic power ups, such as power flower and the hammer, as well as some new ones have been included in this clone. The mushroom power-up does not give you another life as it does in the original Mario, in this version it simply gives you more health.

    The graphics and sounds are nice and even resemble the original Mario at times. If you try maximize the game window, gameplay becomes very slow and even pauses every now and then, so it's best to keep it in a smallish window.

    The gameplay is acceptable, but not perfect. Sometimes you find yourself stuck against an object and not able to move.

    Overall this is a decent game which will probably be enjoyed by Mario fans.

  • Nerd

    It has a very low resolution and it pauses for a second or two every time the music loops. Some of the physics aren't very good. You can't change the controls. The music isn't all that great. It runs slow even on a 2.0 ghz processor. One thing I have always wanted in a Mario game is a good level creator. Otherwise it is just fine.

  • SkulL

    This game is nice, interesting to play, but a bit easy to finish. There are little challenges even fighting against bosses. I would say it is worth the download, long levels, a lot of interesting enemies and fun levels (my personal favorite is the graveyard, gloomy nice).

  • The Bottle Rocket

    If there was a rating lower than 'unplayable' this is it! There are tons of glitches. The physics are terrible, the graphics are bad and the gameplay is about as exciting as a political debate.

  • Kenshin_0092

    I thought it was better than the first. In this game I can do a lot more then just dodge guys and collect coins. It's a very good "clone" of mario.

  • Jon

    The jumping is kind of bad. It does not always jump for you. But if you are a Nintendo fan, you will love it!

  • Lexi

    It doesn't even work and there are too many glitches. You need to try another game.

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