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Super Mario Games Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Remake, Super Mario
Super Mario Games

Choose from 5 different Mario Themed games to play

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  • Tacticus

    This, is probably the worst game on Acid Play. It looks like someone used MS Paint for the graphics, and the games are just...lets not call them games.

    The battle Bros thing is stupid. It's hard to control and 2 player follows where 1 player goes... it's too easy.

    The breakout game is not fun. It's slow, and hard. The only one I really liked was the one where you have to catch the shy guys... but then it get impossible after you get to about 80 or 90 sucked. Dont download it.

  • Zero

    Super Mario Games has 5 different Super Mario Themed games to play.

    1st Game:
    A breakout/Arkanoid game.

    2nd Game:
    A Mario Quiz where you can test your knowledge of the game.

    3rd Game:
    A 2 on 2 battle game where you must try to kill the other mario. This is your typical platform shooting game.

    4th Game:
    A pacman type game where you must collect eggs.

    5th Game:
    Wasnt too sure about this game. You must catch things as they are droped from above.

  • Nathan

    Awesome games, better than anything else! Thumbs up. They're cool because they're super fun. Plus there are so many of them, lots of action, funny, great fighting scenes and without the blood and guts. These Mario games have been around for years.

  • Freekstyle aka. shinethie

    Pretty bad... Quick to get bored of... Uninteresting... Maybe a baby would like it... The truth is, it's not so great... Some games are alright and you might decide to download it to decide. Some hate it, some like it... it's your call.

  • Shinethief

    It's horrible, except for the Yoshi game about the eggs. The toad game comes 2nd best out of the 5 and the Wario one is boring.

  • Fabiola

    This game is very interesting. I enjoy playing a lot with my friends. I love it and I would recommend to everyone to play it.

  • Makhathini Siyabonga

    Mario is a very cool game because it is not that fast. Anyone can be able to play Mario irrespective of age.

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