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Super Mario Kart Remix: Super Circuit Download

  • Developer: monkeymook
  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Remake, Super Mario
Super Mario Kart Remix: Super Circuit

nice remake of the classic Super Mario Kart

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  • Wierdbeard

    Super Mario Kart Remix: Super Circuit is an excellent remake of the original Super Mario Kart Game released in 1990. If you don't know the original, where have you been all these years? Basically it is a 3D racing game where all the characters try out do each other on the circuit.

    As with the original game not only must you go as fast as possible but you have to compliment your speed with strategy. Clever use of power ups and shortcuts will certainly help you outrace Bowser and the gang.

    Super Mario Kart Remix: Super Circuit is an excellent remake, and should give you the same gaming satisfaction as the original Super Mario Kart game.

  • Lickuid Steal

    I have to say that this is an incredible game, however it needs some work to make it anywhere near as good as the original, althrough from the start of it, it looks like when it is finished it will be much better than the original SNES version.

    If you've played you can see that lakitu needs some work, the computers go too fast for rookies to keep up, and turning sharply is sometimes a problem. Once these are fixed and the game is complete, its definatly 100%.

  • Toon Army

    This is great! The graphics are great and so is the gameplay. The sound is just loike the original and so are the levels and drivers. Plus you can get characters from the SNES version and the N64 version! Well worth the download as it is a true classic!

  • Sniper

    This game is the best game in the world, it’s so cool! You can play it all day and not get board racing! You have good control of driver.

  • My name is munir karwani

    This game is really good. It is one of the best games on the website. Download it because it is really good. I would give this game 100%.

  • Mike

    This game is just like the original and must I say a very good and fun game! I would recommend this game... DOWNLOAD IT!!

  • The W Boy (Little W)

    This game would be awesome if only it had slowed down a bit and the controls were easier.

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