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Super Mario Quest Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Super Mario
Super Mario Quest

Yet another weak mario clone

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  • Acidic

    Won’t be disappointed! You will be appalled!

    The truth is you get good solid Mario clones. Then you get games that just grab the graphics from the original and use these to tell the same Mario story but with far inferior and sometimes completely different gameplay.

    This is definitely one of those games. Keep well away as you will be disappointed.

  • Rekall

    Super Mario Quest is another clone and is alot of fun to play when you're getting bored playing the good mario clones.

    It is using the age old recipe of a plumber and a turtle to make for some well below average gaming.

    If you're a Super Mario fan then I'm sure that you'll be dissapointed with Super Mario Quest

  • Jayz

    This is the dumbest game because the game play is stupid.

    I would of given it a zero but you can't. It sucks so BAD!

  • MarioMaster

    The storyline of this game is probably the same as other Mario games.

  • SAM-JO

    I got to say, this isn't the best game. I'm sorry, but it sucks.

  • Mario 21212

    This game is cool. Mario fans will be disapointed!

  • Cadsons#33

    The gameplay itself is very boring and is flawed.

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