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Super Mario Sorb 3 Download

  • Developer: Margasoft
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Super Mario
Super Mario Sorb 3

This version of Mario is very similar to the original Nintendo version of Mario Bro's 3.

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  • Mr mike

    This is a genuine Mario remake. No added characters, no added effects, just pure Mario at its best.

    If you remember Mario Brothers 3 from back in the cartridge driven Nintendo days this game will look very familiar. The splash screen with the curtains and the village map where you travel from level to level by moving your little Mario around the paths. But, of course, you are only allowed to travel to a different level once you have completed it.

    The graphics are not great but they do fall into the standard that you'd expect from a Mario remake. The game is relatively easy to follow besides the fact that it's mostly in French. Movement during game play is not the greatest I found that Mario tends to move a bit more than you expect him to.

    All in all, if you're looking for something like the original Mario games this is a good choice, unlike some of the other remakes that only relate to Super Mario by using Mario as the game character.

  • Iamnotasoreloser

    I like the Super Mario Bros 3 map style but I hate the controls. Mario sometimes slides right into the enemy. The game is all in spanish but there is little to read. The backgrounds are cool and if you're looking for a Super Mario Bros 3 clone then this is the one for you.

  • Anonymous

    THIS GAME IS NO GOOD.. it is in a different language so hard to install. no option for desktop icon. very old version. it just temp stored it on my comp, played once now cant find it on comp again. i recommend not trying it, theres plenty of others to choose from.

  • Gems

    This is a very good game but because the shift button is to jump, the option for "sticky keys" always pops up and I can't go on in the game from world 2-1 because Toad says some thing in French that I don't understand. Please redo the game.

  • Anthony

    Ok - the language needs to be fixed but I think I know the reason the 2nd world restarts. It says in french "non Mario, ne soit pas trop gourmand la suite prochainement" which means "non-Mario, be not too greedy The continuation soon."

  • Kino

    The only problem I had was after I passed the 1st world, I coudn't play in the second world. When I pressed shift to enter the level the game kept restarting.

  • Cthegamer90

    The only problem with this game is the controls, the language, and the fact that I keep restarting everytime I enter world 2-1.

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