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Super Mario TC Download

  • Developer: TC Games
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Super Mario, Worst Game Ever
Super Mario TC

It is by far the worst game ever made in under an hour.

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  • Zero

    Super Mario TC (Time Challenge) was made as a joke by two people calling themselves Wonder Boy and Young Nasty Man in under an hour. It is by far the worst Super Mario game ever made; it exhibits poor graphics and even worse game play.

    I cannot in my right mind recommend Super Mario TC to you. I suggest you steer clear of it and never install it on your computer to avoid the risk of this poor quality game polluting your mind with sheer disgust.

    There are far better freeware Super Mario games available and I suggest you download them instead of this, the worst ever Super Mario Game remake.

  • ComputerCat

    What a shame you can't go under 10%. The review says they tried to make the game in under an hour, I thought they tried to make it under a minute. I don't even understand this game.

    It's dull gameplay and the graphics are laughable. Also, there is a major bug where if you go into one of the tunnels, you don't come back out of the other tunnel and can't even come back out.

  • George Foreman

    If ever there was a bad game it is this one.

    I've seen some bad stuff but this is ridiculous. My dog poops stuff better than this.

    On the other hand. This Mario looks like a poo with a red suit on so its quite appropriate.

    This game gets 10% but deserves 0.

  • Ramonesdude

    ugh! I downloaded this game to see how bad it was. I'm sorry if you like this game but I just don't find jumping on legless turtles over and over again particularly stimulating.

  • BadGameReview

    So bad it's fun to play. It sucks, but if you want a laugh or just want to download it to uninstall it. Play it, if that option is available.

  • No Fair Guy

    Hmmm... this is the most boring game I have ever played and the character looks soo funny, I'm afraid that this is the worst game ever.

  • Jigglyboy

    This game sucked badly. The graphics are like colored rectangles. Who ever thinks this is "fun" is either blind or gay.

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