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Super Mario VS NWo Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Super Mario VS NWo

A Mario game

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  • Rekall

    In this delightful little game, you can play as Sonic, Mario or a host of other gaming favorites.

    The basic idea is to walk through the world and collect rings and starts by playing mini-games within the game. The graphics are fun at first glance and the ability to be just about every character is very nice BUT the gameplay leaves alot to be desired. I don't think enough time has been spent on the physics and there are far too many bugs in my opinion.

    If you're a fan then check it out, but I'm warning you that you may be dissapointed.

  • BaffDiddy

    This is quite a sticky game. Not at all clean like the Mario Bro first game. The fun is that you can choose to play as Sonic or Mario or Luigi and the other game charcters and play a Mario like platform.

    It was fun for a bit and then sucked alot.

  • A

    It was a good idea and most younger kids would love the game, but the bugs make it tpo complicated for most younger kids.

  • Andre jones

    This game is the best because it's easy to download and awesome to play.

  • Real Sonic

    Cool game. I strongly recommend it. I have to play now, bye!

  • Hidden

    Great - lots of bugs.

  • Kaitlin

    It was really good.

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