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Super Tux Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, OS X
  • Tags: Clone, Super Mario
Super Tux

Play as Tux the penguin in this Super Mario clone.

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  • Steven Cook (Moshboy)

    This game will probably be considered great by some and far too derivative by others. Quite basically, it is a Super Mario clone in a penguin suit, complete with icy backgrounds and enemies to match. In many respects it plays almost identically to Mario - everything from the 'growing bigger' power-up to the poles at the end of each level are duplicated. Even the old 'my girlfriend got kidnapped - I have to save her' storyline is used.

    The good news is that, while the gameplay doesn't stray from the Mario formula an awful lot, the game itself does have a lot of polish. This is more than can be said about many of the 'faithful' Mario clones, which both look and play rather pathetically in comparison to this. The graphics are beautifully drawn and the animations for the various enemies, which include bouncing bombs and ice-cubes, is excellent.

    Another wonderful element is the fact that the game has so many levels. While most freeware games usually provide somewhere between 1 and 10 levels, this game contains a lot more and the level design itself is quite creative at times.

    Aside from this, the game is super-smooth and the controls are as responsive as you could hope for, as is the collision detection. This means that if you get frustrated at all during this game - it's not due to bad coding and you only have yourself to blame.

    Overall the good seems to outweigh the bad - it is just unfortunate that this couldn't have stamped itself with its own brand of originality, rather then borrowing so heavily from somewhere else.

  • I542

    I am big fan of Super Mario and I thought nothing can replace Super Mario, especially some Tux. But then, when I downloaded the game, only thing I could say is "pow".

    At first time, when you run the game, a game will tell you pretty same story as in Super Mario, which is that the princess (in this game his girl Penny) has been kidnapped by the Bad Guy (Nolok). Tux now has to rescue his girl and pass many different levels before the game is over. It is pretty hard, great for kids (and those who feel like kids), playable and has high quality. Graphics is also on good level (big Tux looks simply too big, rock isn't great solution for upgrading Tux) but it is what we can expect from most freeware games.

    In short, in 5MB archive, there are hours of fun waiting for you.

  • Anonymous

    I won't deny SuperTux burrowed alot from Super Mario, however, it managed to use it in a good way that actually managed to give quite alot of credit to Super Mario.

    I enjoyed playing the game hugely - however, it is very easy to get frustrated and having to start the level all over again every time I died got rather samey. I think some different enemies should have been introduced instead of using the usual snowball and robot guy.

    I did have a huge amount of fun playing this game though, and would definitely rate it a 9.2

  • GameFollower

    This is in-between good and excellent. It's not the most earthshaking game in the world, but it is really, really good! It is like Mario but has clever premises--ice, new enemies, a cute penguin. Any penguin/platform game fan would enjoy this. There are some bugs: the level editor is a bit awkward and you can't play your levels in succession. There is also no save game feature, so in an emergency you can't save the game! But otherwise I love, love, love this game!

  • Austinchicken

    Super Tux I have played for years and have beaten almost all the levels atleast six more levels and I am done. I have made lots of my own tux games in LEVEL EDITOR. I am going to say Level Editor is so nice because you make your own levels. But a put down is it is hard to navigate the Level Editor because my computer freezes because of the game running. So I loose my Level. I enjoy playing the game but it really aggravates me when I mess up!

  • Anonymous

    simply an amazing game! great for your free time and really is like mario in every way....(but i enjoy it more) and you can also create your own levels which is totaly awesome after you finish the campaign and the bonus tracks! you can also create leels from the very beggining if youre too lazy to do bonus levels or campaign.

    i highly reccomend this awesome game!
    download it...believe me its totally worth it!

  • Anonymous

    This game rocks because it is the best i have seen in years. (Ever would be too much of a cliche.)

    My summer camp has this game for computers and let me tell you -- this game is the best and most popular one there. People are either on it, gamecube, or chess or cards. Perfect amount of challenging, bad guys, and arcade-style music to send people running toward computers. I can't give it more than a ten. Oh well.

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