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Syobon Action Download

  • Developer: z gundam tanosii
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Syobon Action

An easier, more linear interpretation of the I Wanna Be The Guy difficulty scheme.

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  • Gohst

    Have you played I Wanna Be The Guy, yet? If not, that's probably good because its so darn difficult. Taking that formula and mixing it softly into a Mario inspired platformer is a neat idea, and it works surprisingly well - and this is a lot easier.

    The game begins the same as any gamer would recognize - the opening screen of Mario. The enemies, yep, you jump on their heads and smash that brick with your head. But - what - it suddenly raised into the air so high I can't reach it. This next block... what? An invisible block suddenly appeared stopping me from breaking it.

    The rest of the level is infused with other such moments of Why did that kill me? And How am I supposed to get past here now? Well, don't fret, it is possible to beat, but its about making mistakes - then finding the solution. Don't forget (unlike me, who died more than a dozen times before finding out) that space bar is run. Hold it down to jump over things that you normally couldn't.

    There are four levels and you'll know when you're properly finished by the end credits appearing. That won't happen by accident, though, it is a very frustratingly fun game which will take the best out of you. Enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    A game in which you play as a cat in levels from SMB1. The game itself is well made, controls are decent and the game has a certain appeal to itself. But this game is easy as hell. The developer must have realized that so he made this game unfair instead. There are so many invisible coinblocks it will drive you insane. There are other invisible obstacles and enemies I wont spoil for you. All in all, a decent game with only artificial difficulty.

    Others have compared this to IWBTG which has some assholish suprizes but the game is genuinly difficult.

  • Anonymous

    Funny and good game.
    Everything allready said by ghost :)
    Except that the end is crap xD

    ---- WARNING - SPOILER ----

    I don't know, if I did wrong but at the end you see a huge chicken and yourself a second time or something but you can't walk over those bridge because you die if you try it. The solution is jump on a enemy, use the jump of the energy to get ON the top of the wall over the whole level and just walk to the end, where you find an apple. The END xD Sounds stupid and is stupid...

  • Anonymous

    Definintely entertaining. You can't play this game without dying at least once (for your first time). It has unique music, and the difficulty is...damn!
    It would be a perfect 10 if something about the graphics was done...and if there was more :D

  • Anonymous

    Anyone can just slop together any game and call it nearly impossible, but I wanna be the guy took the formula and made it hard... yet addicting. This game has taken the same concept, except much.. MUCH easier.

  • Anonymous

    Quite hard, I beat the whole game without finding out about run though very fun. If you press 0 on the title screen it unlocks a secret mode which is even harder.(Its possible to beat too. trust me)

  • Anonymous

    Insanely hard, but fun. I would rate this as the 3rd most hard game on earth (since kazio mario world and kazio mario world 2 are the most hard)

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