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Taxi Driver: A Naughty Ville Download

  • Developer: vipagames
  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Taxi Driver: A Naughty Ville

Heavilly influenced by the original Grand Theft Auto games, this offers some visual upgrades.

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  • Gohst

    When this was submitted, the description of it was barely understandable "Help John Sanders with his war against gangs and police! Game is in GTA climat, driving, shooting to kill, buing drugs and selling, prostitutes and a lot of more." but what could be told was: It sounds great! I loaded it up then and the Polish game quickly found a dark corner of my computer to hide in.

    Just recently I rediscovered it and decided to give it another whirl - I might suddenly be good at it. But no, it was as unintelligible as ever. The only English-language mention of the game online says "The whole game is in Polish, but language is not that important." Language might not be, but instructions are.

    The controls are very difficult to learn. In fact, they're impossible. It's called Taxi Driver, but you don't seem to be able to pick up passengers. There are glowing shapes you can drive on, but they seemingly do nothing. Only once did I ever make money - $900 - which I found lying in a park. It seems you can collect newspapers, but for what purpose I don't know. Oh, and it is exceptionally easy to die.

    I post this review not to scorn the game, but to enquire. Is there anyone out there with an understanding of the Polish language? Can anyone figure out this game? The 3D graphics are pretty good and the game plays nicely too - it seems there is a lot more under the hood than can be seen without a vantage point. Can anyone get anywhere with this?

  • Marco

    Try to use action key - Enter.

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