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TetriAttack 100% Download

  • Developer: Silent Hero Productions
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
TetriAttack 100%

Another fast paced Tetris style game from the developers of TetriBattle3 100%.

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  • Gohst

    TetriAttack 100% is a Tetris style game, as the name might suggest. This time instead of obtaining blocks from the top of the screen and stacking them at the bottom, you have a rising column of blocks which you sort into groups of three.

    According to their symbol (circle, diamond, star, love heart, etc.) the blocks wish to be stacked with two other of their symbol mates. It’s like a bar where “what’s your sign” really works… and ends up with three of you… err...

    Anyways the blocks are all deviated and want to get into groups three or more. Through the three difficulty settings you attempt to quell this rising tide of squares by arranging them so. The game is not exactly difficult (especially on “wake me when you’re done” easy mode) but has some added zing when the going gets tough. Arrange more than one group at a time and you are rewarded with a stop-clock which temporarily halts play while you attempt to re-align the blocks into a more getting-rid-of type manner.

    As mentioned, its not tough, but it is quite enjoyable. It’s a short enough distraction and is a nice take on the block game genre. It should be able to keep you amused, and definitely children who will enjoy the easy mode challenge. Try it yourself.

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