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Trip on the Funny Boat Download

  • Developer: Olli Etuaho
  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Trip on the Funny Boat

A short and very cute mini-game which is described completely by its own title.

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  • Gohst

    Roll along the topsy-turvy ocean-top in the Funny Boat, a pirate vessel equipped with a single cannon useful for killing sharks and other pirates. The best part is – the Funny Boat has the ability to jump! So avoid those tricky land mines and try in vain to wipe that silly grin on your face when you cruise around in the Funny Boat.

    The game is, in essence, Euchmich Legacy’s little brother. It’s shorter, less capable, a little bit annoying at times but for some reason it just keeps hanging around begging to be played with. And you give in. Though, its not bad – it’s actually a whole ridiculous amount of fun.

    The endlessly undulating sea bobs continuously under foot which creates the game play for the entire experience. Atop the wavy blue water is a shiver of sharks which you hopefully have your cannon aimed towards – remember, it constantly moves with the ocean. Fortunately, you can also jump the sharks which… is always good. Land mines soon enter the picture and though they can’t be destroyed, frequently they drop below the reach of the water affording you the opportunity to coast over the top of them. Failing that, jumping is an option.

    Practice and frequent restarts purely for entertainment purposes will have you turning into a pirate king in no time, facing off toe-to-toe with the sharks, mines and even Redbeard. For the more adventurous, Endless Mode chucks all the enemies in one place and stirs them all around for the royale treatment. Funny, off-beat and oddly addictive, you are invited to take a Trip on the Funny Boat.

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