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Tumiki Fighters Download

  • Developer: ABA Games
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Tumiki Fighters

Fly a plane in this retro style shoot 'em up where everything is made out of toys.

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  • Gohst

    Tumiki Fighters is a very cool shoot ‘em up style game with a difference.

    In essence, it follows the standard formula for all shoot ‘em ups, you’re in a plane (for some reason) and lots of other planes are coming at you. Then at the end of each mission a massive piece of machinery comes out and you have to blow it to smithereens. That’s the story… but it plays differently.

    The catch here is that everything is toys. You’re in a toy ship and the enemies are toys too. Though this will be lost on some gamers who may see it as a scapegoat for cheap, tacky graphics, the people who get it will be mightily impressed with the bravado it takes to make a game in this style.

    The coolest thing, you will see is pick-ups aren’t done in the usual style, that is, shoot an enemy and it explodes leaving a treat for you. In this game, because everything is toys, if you shoot down an enemy plane, it becomes an inert toy, falling from the sky. If you collect it, it connects to your ship and you gain its fire power. Not only does this happen with regular planes but with large planes and boss planes too. So you can connect a whole pile of toy planes onto your own for a massive arsenal of destructive firepower. Of course, with a bigger ship comes the chance to be shot easier, and you have to figure out your own balance there.

    Anyway, this is a super cool game that should be played by everyone. It’s just unbelievably cool.

  • Blood_Butter_Fish

    Tumiki Fighters is a great game with a fresh spin on the linear shooter genre. It's got a garden-variety difficulty level, which accelerates quickly, level by level, pleasurable graphics and neato bosses at the end of every level. It's not only that but also a rare gem for all the eccentric geeks down-trodden with XML fetishes.

  • Valentin

    I am tired of those stupid and unplayable games with hundreds of megabytes and no playability at all. I have found some beautiful and nice vector games, like Torus Troopers, Parsec 47 - or this Tumiki fighters and I still wonder to myself WHY they are free? Download it and have fun!

  • Cahit

    It's more like commodore 64 games - or at least it seems like it. But surely graphics and arcade style is as good a result that you can expect. Download and play it - it's a good mini-game.

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