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  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A fun taxi game set in the stone age

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  • Zero

    Ugh is actually a really fun little game. Some of you might actually remember it from other gaming machines like the Amiga.

    You are a caveman and your job is basically to fly a taxi. You fly around from platform to platform in your stone-age helicopter made from branches and leaves picking up people. Once you have landed they well tell you where they want to go.
    Be careful not to land on them or they will fall and die.

    Considering the age of this game, it actually has some good graphics. I recommend this game. Its fun when you need to just pass the time with innocent fun.

  • Ducky (Nickname Chippy)

    This game is totally cool! It's an old game but is still a game which you'll all enjoy for hours.

  • Zenth

    Interesting and good game, but very long and thats bad.

  • Zaags

    This game has no music and is pretty boring.

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