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Ultima 4 Download

  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Ultima 4

This is a remake of the all popular Ultima 4 from the Ultima Series

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  • Anonymous

    This was my first real "video game". I played it on a Commadore 64 with pirated disks, 4-5 1/4 in floppy's, lol. I thought it was awesome. Back then the graphics were amazing. I never finished it but came soooo close. I probably spent about 2 years of non stop play. At first I left everything to chance picking my character but then learned that manipulating my answers produced the other characters. This was like playing a whole new game. Sometimes I would create a player and then steal and pillage, kill the king, etc.... this was the beginning of my IT career. I am now a network administrator and systems engineer at a major casino in Vegas. Let this be a lesson to follow your dreams or hobbies and you should have a fun career.

  • Mr mike

    Ultima 4, developed first in 1985, has proven itself over the years to be one of the top RPG games ever made with thousands of fans and fan sites.

    This remake follows the same storyline and captures the mystery and adventure of the original very well. If not for the dissapointing graphics this would be as good as the original Ultima 4.

    It is said that if you have not played Ultima 4 you cannot call yourself an RPG gamer.

    Give it a try.

  • Sir Roland

    I've played it back then on the good olde Apple ][. In it's time it was revolutionary, the way of choosing your character by answering a small psychological test is still not matched in todays games. Hmm, the graphics would be just right for a mobile phone, so lets port it to java. ;-)

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work under XP, it starts up all right but obviously the party data doesn't get written to disk, so you cannot start. :-(

  • Morghan

    Now some people may say that it's boring and the graphics suck, but that's just because they weren't around when roleplaying games focused on storylines and character development rather than eye-candy and fast-paced action. I've played the entire series up to UO 8th Age and not a one has been a disappointment.

  • Supersam4000

    This game is boring and the graphics suck. Don't bother downloading it! If I could rate this lower than 10% I would.

    Try something better like Well of souls or liero X.

  • Eric

    XP version is buggy. Always crashes during fights. Not ready for primetime.

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