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UNO Download

  • Developer: formitecho
  • Genre: Card
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

One of the most well known card games

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  • Matt

    Uno has good, clear graphics. The creator of this addictive game has not modified the game rules in any way. The gameplay is simple and fun. There is no hassle when downloading this wonderful game. If you have never played Uno, playing this game is a great way to learn how to play. If you have played Uno before and you are looking for someone to play with but you can't find anyone, this is the game to play. The Al players give you a challenge which makes it more fun and addictive. You can play as many rounds as you want and the the game won't stuff up. For those people looking for simple games to play this is a game for you.

  • Jon

    I don't see what the complaints are about. I have played a number of online Uno games and this one plays very well. The only downfall I can see is that there is no sound. But if you can live with that, the cards are large, bright, it's easy to tell which direction play is going, as well as who's turn it is, and it allows you to play a card that you had just been forced to draw. Many Uno games don't allow that rule. And all of the options are available here for free! I'd recommend this if you love Uno and want to play AI opponents.

  • Douglas

    I like a good game of Uno, except in my family, people tend to cheat and fight. And you have to clean up afterwards. You can lend this Uno set to anyone and not care if they lose it!

    I downloaded this game, and thought, well, if it doesn't work well (or not at all), I have lost 5 minutes of my life. Well, let me tell you this: It may not have sound, but it is a great, fun game! None of the rules have been changed, and the cards are nice, large and easy to read. You'd be hard pressed to find a better free version of Uno, period.

  • Nedra Divine

    This is a re-download, as my hard drive was wiped-out, so I have played the game several times. If I had created the tabletop for the game, I would have put the white writing in bold lettering and allow the user to name his/her opponent.

    The graphics for the cards are great and very realistic! The similarities to the physical game of UNO are quite good. Thanks!

  • Joe

    There's nothing to it... it's unwinnable... I tried all the settings... every time, AND I MEAN every time. I had just one card left and Uno was sounded I would automatically have to draw two cards. Even against 5 players in a real Uno deck there aren't that many draw 2`s or 4`s. The game needs alot of fine tuning to even be enjoyable.

  • OneToCountOn

    There is nothing to complain about. The game is good if you know how to play. I wish I could see what the opponents had at the end of the game. The options allow you to tune the game play to your liking. The default is slow, so I sped it up. This is a good game.


    Gameplay here is too fast and confusing. You have 2 AI opponents who move so fast that you lose track of the game. It's just a basic UNO game. The game is over fast and you have to call UNO really fast or you penalized. Worst game ever.

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