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Uplighter Download

  • Developer: Jolle
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A unique puzzle game with a focus on the play between light and shadow.

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  • Gohst

    In this unique top-down puzzler, you are a being of pure light whose sole purpose in life is to illuminate. With the abilities to clone itself and to destroy certain blocks, each level provides an interesting challenge.

    Each level consists of several rooms separated by corridors or short passageways. Standing in the middle of a large room gives your radiated light more room (you illuminate more) and standing in a corridor reduces your light to essentially just a small beam (you illuminate less). But when standing in a corridor, your light will fill a small portion of the room on each side. It's up to you to strategically position yourself and a small allotment of secondary lights in order to fully illuminate the gloom.

    Each level is restricted by the different floor plan of the room and the different amount of lights/bombs you are given. Every level is completable, however, naturally some are more difficult than others.

    In all its a solid game with an interesting premise, made all the more impressive by the fact it was created in just 48hours. A recommended download for puzzlers.

  • Stratubas

    It's a nice puzzle game. Quite simple but enjoyable for an hour or so. There are two major bad things about it that can't get it a better rating from me.

    First, it is too slow, i mean, rrrrrrreally slow. That "illuminator" thing you're controlling moves annoyingly slowly.

    Second, you can't save the game! Combined with the slow gameplay, no saving is awful.

    There are only 13 levels including the tutorials, so all you can do with this game is try it if you like puzzle games, play some levels until you've had enough, then delete it and hate it for taking so much time to offer so little things. (You can check the maps - they're just ".tga" pictures, so you won't have bad "maybe I missed some nice levels" thoughts)

    It doesn't require much brains in my opinion. More patience than brains...

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