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Vegetable Soup Tactics Download

  • Developer: Stewart Hogarth
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Vegetable Soup Tactics

A chef cooks a pot of giant soup... which is continuously filling with more and more vegetables!

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  • Gohst

    With the idea that the Bejeweled style gameplay could work on a non grid-like surface, the creator of this game set out to make the idea reality - in less than 24 hours. The resulting game? Very fun!

    Essentially if you've played Bejeweled before (and who hasn't?) you'll know what the drill is: arrange three of the same pieces together, click, gain points, repeat. This is different in a few regards. For one, the pieces count as "together" only if your sight can see them, which means they don't have to touch directly.

    Because the game largely takes place in a pot, and a pot is a movable object, you can give the game a bit of a literal shake-up. You can shake the pot to re-adjust the pieces. Sometimes this has a large effect, other times the resulting shake is negligible. Either way, through this and the add more vegetables button, you score can be racked up before the "fruits" of your labour spill over the edges of the full pot, resulting in a game over.

    Its a bit of silly fun, a quick and interesting game which becomes fairly frantic fairly soon. I found it to be enjoyable and impressive given the intense development period.

  • Ana

    As a lover of vegetable soup, I had to download this game. It's quite a nice little time killer. I like how the game pieces aren't just arranged in a grid, but move freely according to their different shapes. For some reason, the 'add veg' and 'shake' buttons are invisible on my computer. They still work when I click where they are supposed to be, though. The cute graphics and fluid motion are what makes this game appealing. Perfect for a short coffee break.

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