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WalkerMech Destroyer Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
WalkerMech Destroyer

Kill all the enemies on your non-stop walk to the big boss, be sure so save your health and pick up as much weapons as possible!

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  • Mr mike

    WalkerMech Destroyer's title pretty much says it all. You are a mech robot that is on a walk to destroy anything and everything in its path.

    The game has 3 difficulty level settings; easy, normal and hard. The differences in these levels are simply the speed at which your WalkerMech walks and the speed at which your enemies approach you. The catch to WalkerMech Destroyer is that you cannot stop moving or even control your movement whatsoever. Your only the mech's guns.

    WalkerMech Destroyer features several different enemy mechs to diversify your killing.

    You can pick up health and a few different guns on your way to help you with your walk of death.

    The graphics in WalkerMech Destroyer are 2D, very detailed and well designed. The sound effects are good and the game play is decent.

  • Clockwork Beast

    If you remember the good ol' Descent games (e.g, all of them before 3), a lot of Mech Destroyer will look familiar to you. And if you remember any of those sweet weapons from, say, Descent II, a lot of this game will feel the same. Oddwarg has created a Descent environment, with Descent-esque weapons, and a Descent-esque plot. So, if you liked how Descent looked, and how its guns worked, you'll probably like this as much as I did.

    Even if you just want something different in the line of shooters, WalkerMech Destroyer will satisfy. However, should you be looking for more of a 'revolution', I recommend looking up rRootage.

  • Anonymous

    A decent tower defense game with a few original ideas; decent sound, decent music, decent graphics. Just too mediocre to make it good. One thing I liked was how you could aim the defense towers range of fire. There's nothing here that drives me away from playing but nothing that will make me want more of it either. Enemies tend to blend into the BG as well which is also a little annoying. It's not bad just not good.

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