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Wandering Knights Download

  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Wandering Knights

Define your Knights personality and strengths by creating his past and then conquer, escape or join forces with the evil demon, the choice is yours!

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  • John Allen Jaynes

    This game is "OK" but only, "ONLY" because it's free. The graphics are nice, I'll give it that, and you can pickpocket/backstab which is cool, but that's it!

    Ok, here are my beefs...

    The maps are randomly generated, and this can be good for replayability, but the game uses a lot, I mean A LOT of virtual memory because of this. Not good if you have a small system. I have a good Dell system, Windows XP, 2.40 ghz Celeron processor, 256 ram, 34 gig hard drive and at one point it said my computer was low on virtual memory while playing the game. Crazy!

    The game also seems to lag and slow down a lot in areas which makes it very frustrating. Must be the maps being created AS you play. Not a good idea to make a game that way.

    The game really has no plot whatsoever. A demon is loose and it is your task to be evil and side with him or be noble and kill him. Wow! How intriguing. Not!

    Also, character interaction is a JOKE! There's no one to even talk to and when you do talk to someone they ALL say the same things to you! "Hello (character name), what do you want?" or "Hello good friend." And a few other bad interactions depending on your alignment. Nice. (laughs).

    Weapons/Armor are really really bad! When you buy armor you get the helmet and shield with it, and weapons are very few. Also, after you buy the best weapon (daemonic flail) and best armor (daemonic plate) there is nothing else to spend your money on except potions or various trinkets and jewellery that your character cannot even use. Dumb!

    FINAL WORDS: Don't waste your time. It's one of the worst games I ever played! Suggestions/Solutions. REDO THE GAME!

  • Mr mike

    This is quite an intense game if you ask me; it was very cleverly created and has good graphics and game play.

    The story behind the Wandering Knight is as follows: An evil demon has risen from hell and is traveling around the earth stealing souls. You, as a knight, can play one of three different ways; you can build up your strength, mentality and agility and try to defeat this demon, you can run from the demon and try stay alive or you can join forces with the evil demon and try take over the world (not as easy as it sounds!). Each task requires you to build up your knowledge and power.

    Before you start your game you are asked 18 questions about the background of your Knight, such as his age, how his parents died, how he was brought up, his parents occupations and more. These options set the different character strengths of your Knight.

    At first the game is a little confusing to get the hang of but once you are used to it, it is great. The graphics are 3D and are good for a freeware game. The menu is easy to use. You can save and load your games, which is always a good feature.

    Wandering Knight is a great RPG for any gamers that enjoy quest games. The choice of game direction is a fantastic addition and gives the game a high replayability factor.

  • Kkjensen1

    Like several others have said, this game uses ALOT of virtual memory. I have windows controlling my virtual memory, even then I get an error message saying low on virtual memory.

    The gamee seems to slow down as I explore more and more of the world, because of the random map making for each game. Right now, I looked in my saves game for my latest game and the shops.dat file is constantly growing, it is up to over 599 mb in size right now.

    My system is an older system, with Windows XP SP3, 1.6GHz Pentium processor, 512mb RAM, GeForce MX/MX 400 video card, and 80 GB hard disk. If I turn off all the extra stuff running in the background of my system, I can play Walking Knights, even then I find myself lagging alot and having to wait about 5 minutes before the game save completes or moving between the map sections.

    The idea behind the game is actually quite good, however the gameplay itsself is quite poor because of the ammount of resources needed to play the game. I give this game a 6.5.

  • Levi Perelman

    This is actually not a bad game, not bad at all!

    Graphics - The graphics are very good for a freeware game! Although it's a bit weird and has some 'glitches', the game does have a rather unique look that is enough for me to give it a high score. [8.5]

    Gameplay - To tell you the truth, I liked the ever so unique gameplay. But it is, sadly, nothing more than that, for it can be annoying and repetitive. However, at times, it can offer an enjoyable adventure and when that happens, the game can show off it's true characteristics. These moments are what enables me to give it a fair score. [8.0]

    Value – The game can keep you busy for hours at a time, which is rare for a freeware game. On the other side it’s not really for everyone. [9.0]

    As an RPG lover myself I can tell you that other RPG lovers will enjoy this game. So if you like RPG games I advise downloading this game, it’s free anyway!

    Wandering Knights – 8.5

  • Soul_consumer

    The game is great. The people who say this game is bad are 99.9% lying. The game is just great. Wandering knights is definately worth the download. Just try it and if you don't like it, uninstall it.

    But I dont think you will need to worry about that because you will most probably think that this game is great. Honestly, this is the best game you can download, so try it!

  • G.O.N.G.O.

    This game is a really great game and I am a hard one to please. If you liked Final Fantasy or other games similar well you will love this one, the game is so good it is hard to put into words so finally let me just say, DOWNLOAD IT NOW! You can thank me later.

  • Anonymous

    I hear a lot of folks tearin' this game apart about it's short-comings, however there's only two things that they don't consider...

    No# 1: It's FREE!
    No# 2: It's -->BETA<--

    So ease-up, I'll give it an 8, for the effort, and generosity of an upload!

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