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Well of Souls Download

  • Genre: RPG
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Well of Souls

Being an open source game, Well of Souls allows you to modify the game in any way you desire

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  • Kkjensen1

    Well of Souls is a good game, especially since it is totally free (well ok, you do have to download the game and use up your internet connection time to do it...) I will note that the latest version of the game is the best to get, once you download the game, you can either play online with others, or play solowithout an Internet connection.

    I have started a character, and I am still learning the "basics" of play, however the game is quite easy with little learning needed. Graphics could use a rather big boost, but the game makes up for that with the learning/building of skills and levels of your character.

    Many worlds are available, however you cannot move your favorite character from one world to another. Basically, once you create a character, you equip that character with basic equipment, and go out and battle monsters throughout the land. You also have to work on your characters skills/abilities, which will increase your characters power. Once you get to certain levels, you can then sell your old equipment and purchase new better equipment from the vendors in the townships.

    You can also get quests to complete and get skills/money, and other quests can be done to help improve your character.

    Overall, I give this game a quite strong 8.8

  • Alan

    As a player of Well of Souls for nearly 30 months, my review is slightly biased.

    Well of Souls is a MMORPG. It has very simple and old graphics, which may not be eye candy to the Everquest players, but allow for easy modification, so you may use your own skins. There is a large community of people who simply play the game and make skins for it. At last check the largest skin collection was around 4,000.

    WoS' simplicity also allows for customization at a far greater level: the world. There is an evolving scripting language that is fairly easy to pick up, but also powerful. With it, and a little artistic talent and a lot of free time, you can create your own world: essentially a mod, complete with classes, quests, and graphics.

    No need to do that work though, there are plenty of worlds out there already.

    The whole package is free, as well. What have you got to lose, besides some free time?

  • Shawn

    Well of Souls is a simple, but addictive RPG where you make a character, go around killing things and improve your character. Wile not as grand as WOW or Everquest, it is one of the best freeware RPGs I have ever played, and that says a lot since I play many freeware games. You can make your own world, fully customize your characters pic (pics are .bmp files in your WoS dir). You can tame monsters and collect them as pets, then summon them in battle. Party up with other players, can be set up to automatically download new skins that other players are using. All in all great game for those not obsessed with eye candy, it takes more than pretty graphics to make a good game. Well, gotta go, my friend is online and we are actually talking about WoS, I got him into it when he recently got back online after his comp broke. Play it. It's cool!

  • AJ_Letson

    Well of Souls isn't a bad game per se, but its graphics aren't nearly up to par for a present day game. While these detract from the overall feel, the numerous quests and different worlds to choose from make this game worth a download.

    Well of Souls itself isn't really an RPG; heck, if you wanted you could probably make a first person shooter to run on WoS. Instead, WoS has the ability to run numerous different worlds such as the original world, Evergreen.

    The music track is a little weak; it sounds as if it was composed at home by an amateur using Finale or a similar piece of software.

    Dialog is amusing, and some of the minigames are flat out awesome, such as a port of Asteroids, a port of Tetris, and a minigame in which pi is found.

  • Rekall

    Well of Souls is one of the most interesting freeware RPGs out there.

    Well of Souls is a classic RPG where you choose a character and are able to build up various skills, such as magic, strength ect.

    As the game progresses, and you fight more and more monsters, you character builds in skill and savvy and you become more equipped to do battle.

    The nicest thing about Well of Souls is that it is open source and the developers encourage users to “customize” there own game by composing your own quests and customizing your skins ect.

    Well of Souls really outshon its peers by being so flexible and I found the open source feature very intriguing.

  • ID Rev.

    I had this game for about 40 months and guess what. I’m Hooked! I am like using the spell "tame" to get pets. It’s a very good game and I recommend it to all who are reading to download this game. Its kind of hard at some points but overall its fun! I recommend not to play multiplayer There are a lot of strong people out there (Like Level 100) I got beaten 10 times! Well Just download the game!

  • Dorian Underwood

    I thoroughly enjoyed Well of Souls to it's fullest extent, and I wish that they would update it more frequently. I know, that last sentence made me sound like some total snob, but it's really fun. Gameplay is magnificient and, while the graphics are OK, the ability to make your own world/sprites is very useful when you finish the game, giving it at least 30+ more hours of gameplay.

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