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Worm Wars IV Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Worm Wars IV

The fourth and final installment in the Worm Wars series

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  • Rekall

    After a year of work, Worm Wars IV has been completed and released. This instalment will sadly be the last in the Worm Wars series.

    This episode yet again changes the game play style and this time it’s all about fast paced action.

    The plot is still the same: try and rule the garden using any means at your disposal. That entails full-blown Armageddon.

    There’s not really much difference in this episode except for a few bugs being fixed and a game play tweak. Still, the graphics and game play have been improved and if you are a fan of the series then check it out.

  • Wormster

    This game changes gameplay and style a bit too much. The biggest flaws are NO BUYING and KEYBOARD CONTROL!

    Instead of purchasing units, you get pickups off the ground and they appear. Also, you use the arrow keys for control instead of the mouse! Oh yeah, one more thing, your character looks just like all of your allies, so expect to lose track of him.


    This game rocks - a few bugs - but it rocks! Did I forget... it rocks!

    P.S. IT ROCKS!

  • Firedragon47

    It is very buggy and crashes at times, but it is also a very cool game.

  • Anonymous

    great assault game and storyline the 2 player is nice too

  • Dvrstg

    This game is good but buggy.

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