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Worms Arena Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Worms Arena

Race your 3D worm against four opponents around the floor collecting items for the highest score.

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  • Mr mike

    Worms Arena is an interesting new take on Snake games. Unlike your usual 2D platform snake game, Worms Arena is in full 3D and you can race your worm (snake) from a first person view.

    Upon running the game you are presented with an options screen. You can pick between four different worms, set your time limit to play and select the speed at which the worms travel. The bottom left has a useful little block which tells you which keys to use.

    The graphics in the game are extremely impressive for a game this size and you can change between different camera views too. You and your three opponent worms spawn on the screen and you have to race towards the item that lights up before the other worms collect it, once collected another item will appear in a random area of the ground. Be careful where you steer because if you collide with another worm you will be re spawned!

    Overall quite a cool little game. Give it a try.

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