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Wrecking Ball Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Wrecking Ball

At first glance a very plain game but in actual fact this is a very unique and addictive game that can keep the player busy for hours.

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  • Moshboy

    Wrecking ball is an odd game. Fortunately it is odd in a good way. It is a strange mixture of Arkanoid and Pendulumania and it actually works rather well. Here is a description of the game: each level is one screen and contains a formation of bricks. You control a ball on a string. You must swing the ball around and destroy the bricks within certain time limit. Sound easy? Dead wrong.

    The graphics are adequate – nothing more, nothing less. They are rather plain but serve their purpose just fine. Don’t expect any extra detail or style to be drawn into the game. With its unique style of gameplay, you most likely won’t even care all that much.

    The sound and music, just like the graphics, are rather plain but again – is there a need for extraordinary mind-blowing sound effects or a pulsing soundtrack? This game relies on its gameplay to hold it afloat and in the end it pays off.

    An idea like this could have easily been wasted by poor execution but in this case the gameplay itself is pulled off rather well. The physics are decent, the brick formations are challenging and the time limits are extremely unforgiving. Each level will take a good deal of practice – even the first. I couldn’t imagine anyone traversing through the levels of this game at a quick speed – each level provides a very unique formation of bricks, always unlike the last and a tougher time limit to complete it within. And the best thing? It’s a ‘just one more turn’ game, regardless of its hair-pulling difficulty.

    To summarize: plain graphics, plain sound and unique gameplay can add up to a fairly solid game that will hold your attention for longer than a few minutes. Recommended for those who like their games a little bit different.

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