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X-Racer Download

  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A fun, pc version of those electric racing car sets.

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  • Zero

    If you were not fortunate enough to have an electric racing car set or Scale-Electrix set as a child, now is your chance to catch up on those missed childhood memories.

    Each track is located on a different area of a house. For example one track is on the floor of a bedroom and another is on top of a kitchen sink.

    The whole game is in dutch I think, but it is easy to figure out. On the main menu there are two rows of buttons. The top 2 buttons change your car to either the red racer or the blue one. The bottom four buttons selects 1 of 4 different race tracks to play on.

    Controlling your car is very simple. Just hold down the mouse button. Thats all! Besides the other racer, which is controlled by the pc, there are only 2 things to watch for. One is rolled up pieces of paper that get thrown at you if you stop your car on the track for too long and the other is if you don't slow down around a corner, your car will go flying off the track.

    I found that it can be very hard to beat the other player, or even to turn corners, but I suppose thats all part of the fun.

  • Gohst

    X-Racer is actually a slot car game, with a variation of tracks, cars and options. The game is entirely in German though.

    The game is in 3D, all the cars look nice, for slot cars and the tracks are very realistic looking. The cars, as far as I could see, looked like each other, except with a paint job. But that’s not important. Slot cars usually look the same anyway.

    The game play is strangely fun. The object of the game, I think, is to see how many laps you can do. You do this by controlling your speed and hopefully not flipping off the side of the track. You can also gain bonus time to do more laps in, which helps you to reach higher on the score board.

    There was no music, only some acceleration / deceleration noises which grew quite tiresome after a certain period of time.

    As far as slot car racing goes, this has to be one of the only ones that I’ve played on PC. So that alone gets it some points. Just don’t be off-put because the game is in German - it’s easy to figure out, even if you don’t know the language.

  • Duzz

    It's just okay. The graphics are different. The game itself kinda stinks.. it's okay.

  • Gamer

    It`s very boring. The only thing you do is hold down the mouse button.

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