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Xevious Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Xevious is a classic Nintendo arcade space shooter game.

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  • Rob Syber

    Xevious. I had seen it in arcades years back, but never bothered, as I considered them quarter-eaters after my brief but torrid and expensive fling with Ms. Pac-Man. Recently, I tried to rekindle that fling with a Ms. Pac-Man Plug 'n' Play game pack featuring the title dot-chomper and four other games, but she was quickly put aside when I finally experienced Xevious.

    From the initial burst of grating theme music to my utter confusion and delight with the simple but impressive graphics, I was hooked. Throughout the summer and ever onward, I enjoyed the constant battles that always had more in store as I refined my tactics and strategies. And so I continue the trek against robotic evil from the seat of my Solvalou, annihilating bases, tanks, airborne foes, and cranky PMS-driven motherships with glee.

    Each game is exciting and challenging, but I sally forth with courage, only fearing that an accidental fusion of the Xevious program with the Ms. Pac-Man program inside the unit may cause my Solvalou to be heartlessly devoured by my former flame. But ah, that's another story. It's time to fight the good fight once again.

  • Mr mike

    If you were a regular in the arcades back in the years when arcade games were still the single screen game pad machines, or even if you had the old cartridge Nintendo game machines you should remember playing Xevious for hours on end!

    Xevious is an old school arcade game where you are the pilot of a space ship, as all of these games go it is your job to progress further, building up your weapons and shields until you reach the mother ship which you have to blast away, without getting blasted away yourself!

    In Xevious there are many alien ships and bombs that fly at you to kill you as well as gun turrets on the ground which you have to keep your eye out for. For an old game the graphics are pretty decent and clear and game play is straight forward and easy.

    Arcade fanatic or not, Xevious is well worth the small download.

  • Nick waxon

    This game is very fun and exciting because you get to dodge things and shoot back at them as much as you want.

  • Jon

    It is good if you like Namco games. If you don't then you will hate it.

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