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Yeti Sports 7: Free Ride Download

  • Developer: Yetisports
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Yeti Sports 7:  Free Ride

The Yeti is back and he's hitting the slopes for some penguin bashing and snowboarding action.

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  • Zero

    The Yeti is back for his 7th appearance in the Yeti Sports series. This time he's in Europe and has found himself a snowboard.

    In this game you need to guide the Yeti down the steep slopes, making sure he's doing what he always does; harming penguins and scoring points.

    You start off at the top of the slope with 10 penguins to race against. You score points by knocking over the penguins which will stun them for a few seconds. Once they recover they will increase their speed in an effort to beat you.

    For more score you must jump over ramps and pull off impressive tricks in the air. Just remember that the landing is just as important as the trick itself.

    At the end of the race your final position will determine how many extra points you get.

    Just like all other Yeti Sports games this one is addictive and fun for a short while.

  • Babd boy

    BAD! You don't want to download this game.

  • OMiGosh

    This game sucks!

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