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Yeti Sports Pt1: Pingu Throw Download

  • Developer: Yetisports
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Yeti Sports Pt1: Pingu Throw

Play baseball with penguins

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  • Nitin

    The only good thing about this game is the graphics.

    You play as the mysterious creature Yeti. You have a baseball bat and you need to hit the penguins falling from a nearby cliff. Only the movement of the baseball bat is allowed. The further the penguin falls, the more points you get.

    You cannot save the high score , it gets erased once you quit the game. It's a very Boring game and not worth downloading.

  • Giddens 06

    This is the first Yeti Sports game to be made, and the start of something amazing. The greatly detailed penguins fall and (if timed rightly) you swing your club and send them flying. The graphics are amazing (the penguins actually leave a line in the snow!) and so is the gameplay. For any gamer, this is a hugely enjoyable game, and definatly worth a small download.

  • Rekall

    In Yeti Sports 1 - Pingu Throw, you play an abominable snowman who is doing a bit of batting.

    Penguins fall from overhead and you have to give then a good whack before they hit the ground. You have to hit them at the perfect angle so that they land correctly.

    This is a weird but strangely addictive game. I suggest you decide for yourself.

  • Anonymus

    I love the game, with the influence of hitting the penguin from the TV show "Pingu" and the possibility that when you hit the penguin to high enough, it digs its head in the snow but it needs a lot more gore. It should also have a bar that let's you change the power of the shot.

  • No need

    It's a fun game but it needs a high score system!

  • Anonymous

    good graphics and small memory.....

  • Anonymous


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