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Yoshi vs Windows Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Yoshi vs Windows

Yoshi, the little creature from the Mario games has decided to try and destroy Bill Gates.

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  • Gohst

    This is one of those strange games which makes me wonder what sort of things a game developer must be thinking when he (or she) makes a game.

    The story is thus, Yoshi, the character from Nintendo wishes to destroy Bill Gates. So he starts on his way through the windows operating system and tries to get to Big Bad Bill.

    As you progress, you will notice the levels shifting from standard Nintendo graphics to Windows style graphics. Sometimes they work; sometimes they are very strange and confusing.

    As for the game play, it is hard to say… it's not really a Mario game, but, it is really. So it kind of feels like that all the way through, but it doesn’t have the same charisma and mood. In one sense it works but on one sense it doesn’t some how and that makes the gameplay uneven and annoying.

    The music and sounds are pretty much in the same vein and style as what has been written above, so I won’t go over the whole thing again. Needless to say its equal parts acceptable to really being a nuisance.

    Like I’ve said, it's a difficult game to categorize and subsequently a difficult game to rank. So, all I can tell you is that you can download it if you like, or you can choose to avoid it. There will really be no loss if you don't, but it's interesting at least to see what kind of a game can be made when a little dinosaur goes after the worlds richest man.

    It's quirky... but maybe not in a good way. Try it for your self and see.

  • EXpl0si0nZ

    I played it before - downloaded it from Caiman. I only grew tired of it after about 6 weeks of almost daily playing. It's great! The way Yoshi is put in Windows, and with a little touch of humour - it's just brilliant. A few bugs mess me up sometimes, but it's nothing important, as you don't have to restart the game from scratch when they happen - usually just simple level problems, like eg. when there's an invisible floor in mid-air. In this particular case, then you usually just have to jump again to get the bug out of the way - nothing real annoying.

    This game is very good, and I'm giving it a rating of 86%.

  • CRaZy GaMeR

    Hey, hey, whoever wrote the main review on this game is totally wrong, it's the best game about killin' Gates I've ever played (and I've played a lot)! It was totally worth the hours my slow computer took to download it! I'd give it 97%

  • Fraser

    This is not even a game really, its just an error message and I don`t know why a "game" could ever be so... BAD!

  • Puttfis

    This is fun! You go and jump on file icons and do things!

  • Jose

    I like it more than one of the other Yoshi games.

  • KiNg NePtUnE

    I loved this game!

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