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Zoneracer Download

  • Genre: Driving
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Sonic

Sonic hops in his go kart and is racing down the street – can you collect the rings and avoid the obstacles?

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  • Gohst

    In this game you play as Sonic who is racing through the city at night and must avoid strange obstacles which block his path.

    The graphics in this game are painfully bad. It could have been cool but unfortunately it looks like a hand held game you can win in a bag of chips at a fast food restaurant.

    While playing, things just come at you. There is not warning, they just fly down the street appearing from nowhere so almost none of the time you have any chance of avoiding it if you weren’t already swerving, so it’s pretty unplayable from that. And because that’s the only goal, the whole thing is quite bad.

    The sounds of coin collection are from the original Sonic game which makes some points up for nostalgia but the music it's self is pretty harsh to listen to which, in a sad way, matches the rest of the game.

    So if you’re a die-hard Sonic fan and can’t resist playing every single Sonic game which comes around then that can be the only conceivable reason for playing this game that I can think of. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment.

  • Giluc

    Well, I donwloaded the game and I saw the people who had wrote something like "This game sucks" and when I see someone write that, the first thing I think of is "Well, maybe I will like it".

    I didn't.

    When I downloaded the game I started it. Then that terrible music began and in 5 seconds it was turned off! It sucked pretty much. Then I started the game again and I saw that Sonic wasn't moving, he was only standing still and then the things just came out of nowhere. I played it for about 2 minutes then I closed it, deleted it and wrote this review.

    Graphics 3/10
    Music 1/10
    Gameplay 1/10
    Overall 2/10

  • Clockwork Beast

    I thought at first that Zoneracer would be a nice little diversion to play once and a while.

    To put it very bluntly, I thought wrong.

    Zoneracer is a painful mishmash of awful Sonic 2 special-stage graphics, worthless controls, and absolutely no point to it.

    I won't start about the music.

    Zoneracer can go down as the absolute worst game on Acid-play. I had to play Notrium for three hours to erase the horror of terrible game design that was left in the wake of ugly sonic and his uglier vehicle.

  • EXpl0si0nZ

    I don't want to be offensive, but the creator should learn to program better, or do something else, if all of his games look like that.

    Gameplay : 1/10
    Graphics : 3/10
    Sounds : 2/10

    OVERALL RATING: 0.5/10

    Do NOT download this game.

  • Rob

    This is not just terrible, its literally unplayable! Download only if you want to see what I mean.

  • ZONE

    Why is it a die-hard game? Because your go-kart is slow moving and there are many bugs.

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