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3D Desert Run Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Worst Game Ever
3D Desert Run

Race around the desert in search of the golden stars


  • Camo Warrior

    I am telling you, this is an unplayable game. The repetitiveness makes this game not even enjoyable. I also noticed that this game has the most un-respondsive controls.

    Plus, the enemies look like junk because of the horrible attempt to try to make this game 3-D. Besides, if you made a game, why don't you name it something close to what it is. I would have named this game "2-D/3-D Adventure-Quest for making the worst game PERIOD." That's all I think about it. Anyways, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT.

  • Rekall

    3D Desert run allows you to race around the desert in the relentless hunt for the golden stars.

    You will have lethal hover cars riding on your tail and you'll have to beat the timer.

    This game boasts 3D graphics supported by OpenGL, excellent sound and frantic, action packed gameplay.

    There are numerous views such as an isometric, 3rd person or top down viewpoint.

    3D Desert Run delivers strong gameplay with action coming at you hard and fast.

  • Sesshoumaru(SX)

    This is one of the most utterly pointless games, it gets so amazingly repetitive after about 30 seconds! Plus the enimies are either way too easy to avoid or they home in on you and kill you in one second.

    It sits right up there with Superman 64 in the bad games department for me. You should just take this one out in the yard and shoot it, only gets a 20% for having half decent graphics, too bad they were wasted on a game like this.

  • Fleetflame

    The definition of the word game is “an activity engaged in for amusement.” According to that definition, 3D Desert Run is not a game by anyone’s standards. The sound effects are terrible, the gameplay is stale at best, and the graphics are so pitiful that it is impossible to see anything.

    3D Desert Run may possibly become playable after a total overhaul, but only then can anyone get any enjoyment out of it.

  • Jake

    Horrible! When you play it for the first 5 seconds you don't know where the heck your going. Your enemies are mostly rocks that you will run into with the clunky controls.

    This game has no point to it. all you do is go around in a stupid repetitive desert like place and you have no laser to shoot at "rocks". Don't download it.


    So I attempt to play it, and the controls are terrible. It was like having to control some random Machine with a bunch of unmarked buttons. No one should play this game. Sure the graphics are okay, but there was basically no point to it. There was no challenge.

  • Big J

    This game sucks!It is lame!

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