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Abuse Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Abuse is a commercial game that has been released as freeware.

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  • Anonymous

    I originally bought this on disk... So I was very irritated to find out I could've got it as freeware...

    I started playing this with very low expectations. The cover just looked like it was trying to oversell itself. After about an hour of playing though, I found it was a very exciting game. After a few more hours I was speeding through and had already enjoyed some of the clever level designs that trick you and take you by suprise. Something that new games are missing.

    After a few more hours of constantly thinking the last level was near, I noticed that this game is extremely long and difficult. In fact, it took me months to actually get past a single bit where you have to jump away from aliens by jumping on shooting guns up a pretty wide gap that lead to the top. If I stalled for too long or lost the flow of jumping from side to side, I was doomed and once you fall or get shot there is little chance of recovery.

    After an even longer time, I managed to get to the last level. Not gonna reveal too much, but it was indeed difficult. So, this game recieves kudos for being great, but at the same time looses some for being just a little too hard... This game can also get a little freaky if you play it for a long time at night or something... Or maybe that's just how tired I was.

    Something that annoyed me for ages and kept me trying to complete it was the level editor. I couldn't find it on my original version that I got on CD. Which is kinda annoying and I've yet to find it. Also, I never managed to get the sound to work on my version leaving me without any sound effects at all. This didn't really bother me too much as I was busy with how great it was... But it's a lil annoying.

    - By Deji

  • Andrew

    WOW! I haven't played a game quite like this before. It feels like MDK (weird characters/aliens/story), plays like Super Metroid (power-ups, weapons), and honestly looks like an Alien film. If you slapped the whole AVP label on this game and called it Alien Vs. Predator I wouldn't know the difference. The faceless character also reminds me of the Predator with his neverending arsenal of weaponry. This truly is a fun shoot-em-up action/adventure game well worth the download!

    + Interesting Storyline
    + Neat Graphics
    + Feels and Looks Cool!
    + Save Feature

    -Looks Very Dated (Like Genesis or SNES 16-bit)
    -No Eerie Music to match the story (not a big issue)
    -We've all seen this kind of game before (Contra, Metroid, etc.)

  • Acidic's picture

    Some of you may remember Abuse as a commercial game from a few years ago. It was remade by a group of people as freeware using the graphics of the original. So in all theory this is not abuse but the people who made it did an amazing job at remaking the original.

    For those of you who have never played the original; Abuse is a platform game. You control the movement of your player with the keyboard and you aim your weapon using your mouse. You go around killing mutants who have been infected by some evil gene, which you happen to be immune to, and collecting power ups.

    A level editor is also included for the more creative out there but for the rest of us we can just stick to the mindless killing.

  • MightyKitten

    Nice 'shoot-everything that moves' game, but it realy looks much better on Macintosh. Probably due to the fact that it launches in DOS.

    There is a build in game editor, but I never understood it (not then, not now) but it is worth the download though, as it is small and has nice gameplay.

  • José António

    This is a classic game full of action and weapons. It's a very adictive game where you play in a skin of a convict that survived a deadly virus called "ABUSE", you must make your way through a city full of people (if I can call them that!) deformed by the virus.

  • Kmtburton

    If you love classic side scroller shoot em ups and Aliens (the movie) youll love this game it has great controls and graphics been awhile since i downloaded this so i have stopped playing it by now but if you havnt played it then download now

  • Voodoo Child

    This is quite possibly the best freeware game ever. Addictive game play, classy graphics and an unrivalled atmosphere are just a few of the endless compliments u could say about this truly brilliant, gaming masterpiece.

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