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Arkanoid TC Download

  • Developer: TC Games
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Breakout, Worst Game Ever
Arkanoid TC

Yet another remake of a classic by TC games

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  • Adam Box

    This game is like breakout, you know the formula, you hit a ball at blocks with a paddle until they disappear.

    Well, this is that game except not good. There is only one level and as soon as you finish it the game ends. The maximum score you can get is 3000 and that is achieved very easily. So after you get that score there is no reason to continue playing as the game is over and there is no way to beat that score.

    The game play is mediocre and the ball will ricochet off a square at an odd angle. Five times while playing this the ball ricocheted off empty space, once killing me but I had two lives left which is more than enough to finish this game.

    If you want to download it, give it a try but don't expect to be impressed.

  • Zero

    Yet again TC games have made another remake of a classic Nintendo game. Although Arkanoid TC is slightly more playable than their other remakes such as The Sims TC and Super Mario TC, it still fails horribly and should not be downloaded.

    The gameplay is the same as any Arkanoid game. You must bounce the ball with your paddle and destroy all the blocks. This time the blocks happen to be in the shape of a T and a C.

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