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AWOL - A Wasting of Life Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
AWOL - A Wasting of Life

AWOL is a birds eye shooter. Your task is to help your team eliminate the opposite teams tickets before they eliminate yours, or you!

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  • Mr mike

    On starting AWOL - A Waste of Life you are presented with a screen full of options. Here you can choose one of 11 maps to play on (you may also create your own maps), your health, your weapons (AK47, berretta, MP5, desert eagle and more) and many other useful options.

    Once you have set all your desirable options you can start the game. You are placed randomly on the map and are displayed a list to pick your weapon of choice. From here on you're in the battle field, bullets flieing all around you, people dieing, but you must keep on track and blast your opposing team away. There are walls and tanks to hide behind, but the walls are soon broken and the tanks explode when being shot at, there is no escape but to defeat your opponents!

    This is a neat, small game that can be alot of fun. One thing they should have included is network play, other than that, its a decent game.


    You choose the level, the amount of AI on each team (up to 400 in total) how many lives you have, and what weapons are allowed.

    There are settings concerning speed of the player, reload time, and much more. You can even shoot through walls and use the environment to kill the enemy.

  • Jesus

    Amazing! Great little freeware game that plunges you into the middle of a battlefield in a 2D massive impact game. Must Download!

  • Ace_00789

    The environment is so cool, its real life! I wish CS (COUNTER-STRIKE) had the same walls and stuff that can be destroyed!


    Sweet little game.

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