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Bimboman Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

In this fairly violent game, you are a soldier who is entering a building in order to blow away the inhabitants.

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  • EXpl0si0nZ

    This game is definetetly worth downloading.

    You are a kind of soldier on different missions. Accessing a building is only the first one.

    1st mission: You have to enter a building and retrieve a document guarded by scientists, a few other soldiers and an automated cannon - difficulty is OK, although you'll need a few tries before reaching your objective.

    2nd mission is more a training course - you learn how to make big jumps and stuff by using your grenades. A bit more difficult than the first level, it will also take many tries.

    3rd mission: I never managed to complete it. You use the knowledge gained in the 2nd mission, but I always fail when I come to the sniper. Difficulty: hard.

    This is the only flaw in this game: it gets too difficult too quickly.

    Apart from that, this is a really good freeware game. The controls are easy to find out (Arrow keys, Spacebar, D, F) and the absence of mission briefing isn't really a handicap, as it's clear that you have to progress through the levels.

    Nice graphics and nice sounds, creating a harmonious feeling to the game.

    Graphics: 8/10
    Well made graphics, a bit cartoonish but still good.

    Sound: 9/10
    Good sounds, without major flaws.

    Music: 7/10
    A few basic riffs made by computer - nothing extraordinary but still well made.

    Gameplay: 6/10
    Although the gameplay itself is good, I take points off for the difficulty.

    Overall rating: 8/10
    If you are good, you should give this game a try.
    If you aren't an "expert" gamer, this game will discourage you.

  • Gohst

    Bimboman is a man on a mission, a mission to destroy the scientists and other people in a big building which he has to infiltrate, for some reason.

    The graphics are nice, if small, the detail is very nice and fairly accurate. Everything has a cool cartoonish quality while not sacrificing realism in the process. In short, the graphics are nice.

    The game play is fun, though it's violent, it’s very fun. Controlling your little soldier you enter a building and shoot the people. The story is in another language but it’s not difficult to understand that you have to kill the inhabitants and reach the top.

    The music and sounds are both very atmospheric and add a nice mood to the game. The music is particularly nice.

    So in all, it’s a pretty fun game, but it is violent which would be off putting to some people. Though the game play makes up for it.

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