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  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Blade is an action sword fighting game.

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  • P.I.M.P

    This game is pretty good. The controls are kind of messed up but once you get the hang of it its awesome. With 3 modes 4 characters and 4 backgrounds not including that cheap one in the screen shot but they are all good. Including a Boss at the end.

    I gave it a 90% because this game has great graphics and awesome 3D action Combat. I recommend you download it but don’t get pissed at first you have to know hot to play because the controls are a little complicated in the beginning but for me now its really simple to control and awesome to play. Download it.

  • CoolDude

    Firstly, the game looks and behaves pretty well for a freeware game. It's not an easy game to play but of course that does not mean that it is unplayable! The sound effects are pretty much realistic (though I have never fought with a sword!).

    If you want to spend some quality time with a game then this is a must.

    Considering all the features of this game it does stand out among other fighters, the only downfall being the oddly laid controls!

  • Najdorf

    This game is one of the best beat' em'ups I have ever played.

    Good sounds, great graphics , awesome atmosphere and immense gameplay.

    You just have to understand the controls: make numpad active, then block with 1,4 attack with 5,2.

    When your power bar (under) is full make semicircle and attack to make some gorgeous special moves.

    Simply amazing considering it runs perfect on my old pc and is a 2 MB download. *bows to the programmer*


    Overall this is a good game, it has good graphics considering it's size. And the only downside is that the background images look a bit pixelated due to the use of .bmp instead of .jpg or .png

    The controls are a bit awkward as well, moving is fine as you use the arrow keys, but for attacks you have to use the number pad for player 1, you use 1 4 5 2. And in the main menu you select the choices by using 1 from the number pad.

  • Zero

    Blade is a brilliantly made 3D sword fighting game. Blade can be played against a computer or human player. Its feel and gameplay is similar to the new Mortal Kombat game available on PS2.

    There are some interesting backgrounds, very good 3D graphics and some amazing sword fighting sounds.

    Single player mode can get quite difficult but this just adds to the replay ability of the game.

  • Darkiel

    Blade is a 3D game whit a fantastic graphs; greats attacks and effects and good sword sound! There are 3 characters + the boss (only playable in multiplayer mode) very worked.

    The disadvantages of the game are the few personages whom there are; there isn't any music; there are few play modes and the controls can't be changed.

  • K man

    This game has 3 charectors (4 on multi-player). You fight your opponent and if you win you move on to the next opponent. If you die, you lose.

    Excellent graphics and gameplay. Tons of moves! Specials, quick attacks, blocks, upper downer combos and more! Excellent game.

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