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Blast Radius Download

  • Developer: Starlord Interactive
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Blast Radius

A side-scrolling shoot 'em up with an interesting take on powering up your ship.

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  • Gohst

    Blast Radius - a story about galactic mis-deeds and the people sent out to set right those mistakes. Or something like that. You get to shoot stuff, anyways, and isn't that what you came here for in the fist place? It is.

    So, the idea is you're on the left and the enemies are on the right. Shoot them before them or their bullets can get to you. Sounds reasonable enough. Every so often, one of them drops a power-up to make your ship go faster, shoot more or better bullets and so on. Sounds nice.

    Except, these power-ups are not random. They're all, at face value, completely useless and they do nothing. Until you hit the [CTRL] button to use them. At the top left of the screen, you'll see a little selector. Gain another power-up to increase the square its on and [CTRL] to use it there. When on the flame option, you'll shoot flames. When on ice, ice, etc. etc. The further right the option, the better it is, but of course, the harder it is to "save up for".

    The one sad portion of the game is the fact that any death will take your power-ups (all of them) completely away from you. You start from scratch on each life. Kind of an incredible, seething, hate-filled, loathing bummer. But I can over-look that flaw. The game moves pretty slow, so deaths aren't that frequent. And the game does look nice enough.

    If it wasn't so brutal with your power-ups, it would've got a higher score, but its innovative design with regards to those power-ups is what gains it so much interest in the first place. I think its certainly worth playing.

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