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Bomberman v1.01 Download

  • Genre: Arcade
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
  • Tags: Bomberman
Bomberman v1.01

A remake of the classic Nintendo game.

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  • Anonymous

    This is a Bomberman clone for your PC - and a good one, too.
    Multiplay, custom maps, kinda decent bots, and powerups which enable you to play more strategically.

    Graphics - 8,7:
    Nothing to say there. Good graphics. I especially like the fact that you can switch to full window and other gimmicks using the F1-F4 keys.

    Music - 9,2:
    There are only 3 different tracks. One for the menu, one for the Settings and one for the Game itself.
    The two first may get a bit repetitive, however the gameplay track, although always staying the same, never annoyed me, because it matches the game so well.

    Gameplay - 9,6:
    Apart from the fact that this is Bomberman, and Bomberman is great, you have a multiplay options (2 persons per keyboard, and one per joystick), and the author is currently trying to implement networking features. Although this game is best played with other human opponents, the bots are hard to beat too.

    Other features - 7,8:
    You can create and implement your custom maps with the included map editor. And the bots don't need to learn them.

    Overall Rating - 8,8:
    This game is great. Download it and play it with your friends. It's worth it.


  • Zero

    I'm pretty sure everyone played bomber man at some point in their lives but for those of you that haven't here is a quick description: You have to kill your opponent by setting bombs; you must also use these bombs to destroy barriers that stand between you and your opponent.

    Well here’s a version for your PC. It’s been pretty well remade so you will probably enjoy it.

  • Sean_rainville_344

    I loved Bomberman before this. I spend two seconds downloading this and I dont pay a cent. Acid Play is insane! Givin out masterpieces like this for free. Ill tell you one thing I aint sittin here writin this review. Im gonna go create a level! (thats right, u can create levels)

  • Punker

    This is an excellent remake of Bomberman. The graphics are good for its arcade style of game play. It is very hard to find a good version of this game but someone did a fantastic job in making this I give them thanks.

  • Kosmo

    This game is an awesome time waster! A little small but that just makes it a little easier to sneak in a game or two while you're doing "Homework".

  • ZaPpEd

    Very good quality game. Good, smooth play. Multiplayer with AI and/or humans. New power-ups which make the game that much more fun. It's sweet.

  • Omar (Again!)

    This is the best remake of Bomberman! I don't think no other Bomberman remake would stand up to this!

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