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Bonesaw - The Game Download

  • Developer: Kyle Pulver
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Bonesaw - The Game

It's here! After a year in development, Bonesaw is finally here - and its what you've wanted.

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  • Gohst

    Remember that scene in Conan where you know he's turned into a rock hard killing machine, with no conscience and only bloodthirsty determination? Imagine a 2D platformer built on such a model.

    First things first, yes, you actually get to use a Bonesaw. The titular weapon is carried by you at all times, but can only be summoned when its powered up. It gets power from the blood of your enemies. Kill more, get Bonesaw, slaughter more. It's intense.

    Don't let the cutesy graphics fool you, This is a tough game. It's fast and furious. Most of it is spent hopping from platform to platform in between busting bricks. The occasional puzzle is thrown in and the fight mechanics are old-school Beat 'em Up style - complete with health bar for your victim.

    As it was only released the day before this review, I can't tell you how long it is, but I can say it is worth it. The hefty download gives you great levels, hard enemies and who can forget - this is the only game offering you a Bonesaw. It's fun, fast, furious and intense. This is a keeper.

    Go on. You know you want to.

  • Xristosx

    This is a excellent game, it is constantly fun throughout the whole game, there are may be a small number of enemies but they have different variations, the game has a few hidden secrets, (I gathered all the pucks XD) and the pucks are hard to find and it will keep you looking for a long time, it has a long playability, I've almost got all the secrets and it took 15 hours of total gameplay.

    So I recommend this game if you are a fan of Kirby (it has a few things from it), Mario and similar games.

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