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CodeRED - Battle for Earth Download

  • Developer: COR Entertainment
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
CodeRED - Battle for Earth

An Excellent First Person Shooter crafted from the Quake II engine

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  • Zero

    An Excellent First Person Shooter crafted from the Quake II engine. If you are looking for hours of shoot em up fun, this game is for you. The basic story line is: aliens are attacking and you, Lt Commander Joseph Hicks are assigned to wipe them out. The graphics are amazing, from the level designs to the vast amounts of blood and gore, to the burning skeletons. Despite the fact there is no music, the sound effects of you, your weapons and the creatures are excellent.There are of 20 levels, 10 weapons as well as multiplayer capabilities. This game is an enormous download, but definitely worth your while.

  • Kelly

    This game was pretty fun. The only problems I had with it was I could never manage to play on line, kept getting script errors or something. And at one point I got stuck which really made me mad, just got to a point and couldn't get any further. Of course that was my fault not the games. The game play is good and the graphics are very good. they give you an excellent selection of weapons and killing Aliens is always fun. If you liked Red Faction you should like this game.

  • Joshua

    This must be the best first person shooter in terms of graphics, game play and sound. I just love toasting a few aliens and the gore is a cool effect! Its a large download size but well worth your time!

  • ?~*~?

    It's ok if you don't have a video game system, but if you do, just buy James Bond, this is way too big and not to big of a change or variety.

  • Glenn

    Great game for a freeware , the graphics are amaizing , the sounds are GREAT! , it's the best game I have ever downloaded !

  • Dynamo

    Great Game! The splendid surrealism and graphics from the Quake 2 engine makes this game fun to play.

  • Rex

    It's so good, all they need is ten more levels and some rock and roll and SELL IT!

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