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CodeRED - The Martian Chronicles Download

  • Developer: COR Entertainment
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
CodeRED - The Martian Chronicles

Battle the martians in this next CodeRED instalment

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  • Rekall

    In CodeRED - The Martian Chronicles, you will have to battle the martian plot to destroy earth and take the battle to mars.

    It is six years since the death of the martian leader and a new dictator has decided to stand up and take his place. The martian known as "Big Brain" is your primary target and it is up to you to put an end to his plans of building an army to destroy earth.

    CodeRED - The Martian Chronicles, features great 3D graphics with an awesome plot. The action comes thick and fast and you will battle it all out on 12 new single player levels.

    Definitely worth the download!

  • Sawyer

    Are you still wondering whether or not to download this? Well stop thinking and download it! It has 32 bit textures, KILLER sound and challenging game play.

    Just the graphics alone make it a cool trip to experience. It runs fine on GeForce 2, 600mhz.

  • Silverfox

    A great FPS action/adventure game. Would be even better on a newer 3d engine.

  • Rex

    The best Doom look-a-like I've played in years!

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