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Commando Download

  • Developer: hamish mcleod
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

A very challenging platformer with great graphics and game play

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  • Fipi

    Really fun sidescroller. There's a nice variety of weapons and the levels are interesting. Sometimes you have other soldiers on your side fighting with you, which is pretty cool. The game is easy until the last boss, who is insanely hard to beat. It's a pretty short game; it only takes a few hours at most to get the last boss.
    My only complaint is that the game's resolution is low and there's no fullscreen mode, which means that the game window is tiny unless you turn your resolution down (in which case it's still pretty small).

  • Rekall

    Commando is a fun platformer with some of the most difficult levels I have ever played.

    The graphics, sound and game play are really good, but I soon realised that I am no good at this game. The backrounds vary greatly and keep the game fresh as you shoot your way through the “challenging” levels.

    If you’re looking for a good game and you’re willing to give it everything you’ve got, then give Commando a try.

  • Jordan

    This game is great. It has simple controls and catchy electronic background music. This game is a great Metal Slug / Cyber Lip look alike (though I don't think the makers wanted it to be a look alike). It's all about shooting people, which was the only downside of the game. It has some pretty good graphics for a side-scroller and some good sound effects too. All-in-all a fun game - so go download it!

  • Donny123123

    This is one of my favourite games I've ever played. For me, I like a lot of the older games, this one is very fun and you get team mates and a great variety of weapons. I've played this game for hours and hours and I think it never gets boring. The only hard part would be the boss which I have never beaten but I'll never stop trying.

  • Donny

    For me, this game was very easy to play. I finished quickly and I found all the guns and the secrets. The hardest part would be the very end when you verse the boss. I love this game and I will never stop playing it. It is one of the best games. I recomend you play it and you should also have the great fun that I have had.

  • Stoned_soldier

    This game reminds me of Megaman which is a good thing. I give this game a 90% because there are many things to it, like the different weapons and secret entrances. It's a cool little game that everyone should play. It's hard at first, but then gets moderately easy with practice.

  • VivKooL

    The game as a whole rocks, but gee whizz... they could have given a bit more info on how to play it in the first place.

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