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Crimsonland Download

  • Developer: 10tons
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Kill as many monsters as you can without dying

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  • Tony

    I originally played this game as a demo before it was freeware. If I had had a method of secure payment at the time, I would have bought it. This is even before having access to many of the features.

    The graphics are excellent, even compared to many commercial games. There is no feeling like watching the game live up to it's name as you spray creatures blood across the landscape.

    There are only 2 enemy models in various sizes and colors, but the animation is fluid and appropriate. The bodies of your victims, their blood, shattered ice and even shell casings remain for the entire game, render the entire playing area into a swath of destruction.

    The audio is very nice as well. The music track is grim, yet energetic, and totally unobtrusive. The sound effects are very well done as well. From the blood splattering to plasma sizzling and rockets reverberating out thuds deep enough to shake your desktop, it's an overall treat for the ears.

    All this aside, game play is where this game truely shines. The controls are simple and responsive. The view and action are very similar to the classic Smash TV.

    In the career mode, you start off with a pistol as you wander around an open landscape, until the creatures slowly start shambling in towards your character, you start mowing them down and they drop power ups such as more advanced weapons, force fields, bombs, and time effects. You gain experience points as you unleash devastation upon your enemies. As you level up you gain access to a choice of random "perks" by a right click of your mouse. These perks are both creative and useful, and you'll find yourself trying to determine the best overall collection considering your situation at any given time. The numbers of enemies increase as you increase in experience. If you can get over 60,000pts before dying, you are a machine.

    In survival mode you are immediately swarmed with enemies from all directions. This time you start out with an assault rifle. This mode is much faster passed nearly mindless insanity, as you are just trying to fight for every second without any power ups or perks. Last over 40 seconds and you have my admiration.

    On top of all if this, it's a mere 2.75MB download. The coding must be very very efficient. If you only get one freeware game today, make this one your choice.

  • Matt

    I give Crimsonland a 90% because of the great feel of ripping through the flesh of a hundred aliens closing in on you.

    This game (I'm surprised it isn’t more popular) is a very amazing shooter, with extremely well done graphics, and a very great array of sounds, and creatures. This game could be better if it had a story line to it, or a multiplayer LAN option. If you just look into this page to check the screenshot, think again and download it, this game is amazing, and the screenshot is no way to describe this game. Kept me entertained for a few days, and still is.

    Great game, download it if you like making things bleed :)

  • Acidic's picture

    When it comes to graphics I have never seen anything as good as Crimsonland. Everything from the monsters to the lighting is beautifully well done.

    The game is simple: kill as many monsters as you can without dying. There are 2 game modes, survivor and career. I spent most of my time playing in the survival because this is just the most fun (for me anyway). In this mode you will be really good if you can stay alive for more than 60 seconds. The career mode lasts longer but is at a much slower pace.

    All in all a very professional yet simple game.

  • Ruciful

    This is one of the best games I have ever played. From perks, items and guns, its sounds, from graphics to gameplay very good.

    I hope that the v.1.9.8 is freeware because I'm not sure if it is safe to pay. You'll play this game for months and then be bored with almost all games are like this. The thing is it is very good and fun and one of the best games I have played I really wish I could buy the v.1.9.8.

  • Michael

    This game has it all. Blood, cool guns, even upgrades that can save your life. I would give it a rating of 100%.

    This is the kind of game you want to show everyone. There are two modes: Survival and Career. With both you can play two player or one player. On survival the aliens come very quickly and all you have is an auto rifle. Career starts slow but gets harder.

    Get it.

  • Bezoar

    It's like Smash TV with an outdoor map and Fallout style perks. You run, shoot, level up and die. I usually play a couple of rounds a day since it only involves a 2 or 3 minute commitment. Nice graphics. The monkey screams and puppy whimpers can get a little repetitive but are ok in small doses. Good weapon sounds and variety in this. I always leave the music off.

  • Arif

    This game keeps you on until you drop; the amount of special powers you attain in the game, the enemies, the horror of been eaten by infested aliens freaks really is cool with a nice southern westerny tune, brings out the madness of a plan view character.

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