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Dark Wars Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Dark Wars

Slay the dark army in this platform action game

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  • Zero

    Slay the dark army in this platform action game. The Dark army has once again risen and you are the only person who can defeat them. You are equipped with a large arsenal of weapons e.g. a minigun, a flamethrower, grenades and many more. If you choose to, you can fight against a friend or join him in the battle against evil

  • Jango52577

    This game is a blast. I recommend that everyone download this game. It is similar to an old school Genesis shooter called Doom Troopers. The controls are easy and you get to face a variety of intelligent enemies.

    The only con of this game is that there never seems to be enough ammo. Other than that, it’s fun.

  • Wayne mclaughlin

    Dark Wars is a very interesting game. I found that advancing to the next level was both fun and interesting. I rate it's graphics at about 60 % and over all I think that the weapon selection is very widely ranged.

  • Game rater

    Dark wars is a must play, it is totally adictive. One hour of playing is most certainly not enough.

    So when you're looking for a game with blood and guns, Dark Wars is a total winner. So download and "Acid-Play".

  • Target Dog

    This game is cool and fun. Shooting monsters and skeletons all the time is cool, and you get lots and lots of weapons.

  • Dragon

    It is so cool. I liked it. The most powerful weapon is minigun.

    I'm playing it with my friends

    TRY IT!

  • Oh my gosh!

    This games AMAZING! It's the best Games Factory game EVER!

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