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Dragon Fight Z Download

  • Developer: Spinicci Giacomo
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Dragon Fight Z

Dragon Fight Z is a shockingly bad Dragon Ball Z themed fighter game. You will not enjoy it.

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  • Zero

    Dragon Fight Z is a shockingly bad Dragon Ball Z themed fighter game.

    There is only one very short level in Dragon Fight Z. You basically just walk across the screen killing all the enemies that come towards you. You can either kick them or use your special fireball power.

    After you have taken out about 5 enemies you will get to the end boss. Your fireball attack has no effect on him so you will have to defeat him using only your kick attack. While you are trying to kill him, the other enemies will still come at you from behind which is quite difficult and annoying.

    The graphics and sounds are OK, but the gameplay is simply awful. I wouldn't really recommend Dragon Fight Z to anyone except hard core Dragon Ball Z fans but even they will probably only play the game for like a minute.

  • Jinkazama264

    This game is one of these games that no one likes that I do. This game has weaknesses but is still a very awesome game!!


    This game is the best game ever because it is about fighting. It is so cool my friends like it, like me. It's so cool.

  • Anonymous

    The most terrible game I've ever ever played, though you may want to try it for the download size.

  • Rweezy

    This game is a horrible side scroller. One of the worst games I've ever played.

  • Anonymous

    This game was not that good, worst side scroller game I've ever played.

  • Anonymous

    Good game, but the graphics aren't that good.

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