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DragonGlide Download

  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP

Play the part of a red dragon... breath fire

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  • Wierdbeard

    I've always been quite keen on dragons myself, so perhaps this has biased me towards DragonGlide somewhat. An attempt at impartiality was made though!

    In the game you play the part of a nice red dragon. You fly around, shooting other dragons. The graphics are fairly good, featuring a fully 3D world for you to explore. Watch out though, in the DragonGlide world some dragons will have no qualms about shooting back.

    DragonGlide is based on an interesting concept. A small but enjoyable game. And dragons are always nice, aren't they?

  • Jeremy

    This game is all right but I wish the red dragon's wings would flap up and down and it would shoot fireballs. And I also wish that the developers had included a learner's course for beginners. But it's very good.

  • Wonderweed

    There's no word to describe how bad this game is. It's got bad music and terrible graphics. Who would play a game this bad and say it was good? I smite this game in all of its' bad badliness.

  • Kid man

    This is a great game for destruction! It's game play is all right. I guess?

  • Spoony

    A bit odd at first but then it gets better.

  • Bruce


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