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Dream Fighters Download

  • Developer: Tomoshibi
  • Genre: Action
  • Works On: Windows 95-98, Windows XP
Dream Fighters

A very nice 3D fighter from Japan which plays like a real life arcade game.

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  • Gohst

    In this fighting game from Japan you are in a bout with another kid and you can use magic, powerups and more to defeat them. And if that doesn’t work, 10 pound blocks fall from the sky and you can hurl them at your opponent.

    The graphics are beautiful in 3D and the people look really awesome. The bonuses are cartoon like, as is the style in Japan and when you or your opponent does a power move, well it’s like something out of a real life arcade game, not a freeware game. It’s truly something spectacular.

    The game play matches the graphics exactly and it’s fun and frantic at the same time. The only problem is, sometimes it's hard to see your opponent, though I get the feeling there is a camera change button I don’t know about because it’s all in Japanese.

    The music is great, it's memorable, it's fun and it's nice under the action happening on screen. The sounds are also really cool and are reminiscent, in ways, of old kung fu movies.

    In all this game is one to be thoroughly enjoyed by fighter fans or anyone in general who likes an entertaining free 3D game.

  • John

    The 3-D graphics are decent, adding a little flavor to the game, but it is extremely annoying that the camera stays fixed at one angle no matter what you do.

    The gameplay is OK, but there are only 3 characters to choose from and no different enemies. Each character has 3 attacks - Normal, Charged, and Special.

    The game modes are kind of boring. In the first, you have, like, 2 levels of 1 enemy each (too easy). In the second, you have a 1 vs. 3, which is also too easy.

    The AI isn't impressive, it would rather throw things at you than fight you directly.

    And we come to the conclusion... This game is about par for the course, not bad, but nothing special.

  • Jeff

    Extremely good game for its size. Good character balancing, nice graphics, although combos can be a bit weird to perform. Overall an excellent game!

  • Da_FrickinBoob

    It needs something. I don't know what but it does but when you really look at it for its size, this game rocks.

  • Hack

    Don't these levels remind you of the ones from Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness on N64? Good levels.

  • Anonymous

    It's okay, good anime grapics but if it was online and more gamemodes it would be fun

  • Prateen

    A superb action game, nothing like it has ever been produced!

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